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LONG YIN GIN the story

The Story

LONG YIN GIN represents an exciting new coming premium dry gin from two different worlds, West & East. Inspired by Chinese culture and distilled in England, LONG YIN GIN beautifully blends Chinese botanicals with a modern twist. Our team of passionate distillers from the North of England used their experience and dedication to create by hand an unique gin that honours both British craftsmanship and Chinese culture.

We decided to create LONG YIN GIN because Asia is rapidly becoming a global taste maker with a dragon sanctuary nestled in China over centuries. China has always been surrounded by mystery & fed the curiosity for generations in the West. This emotion gives LONG YIN GIN the opportunity to show the world the beauty of the Chinese culture.

LONG YIN GIN premium dry gin

Premium Dry Gin


Strong cultural heritage and traditional values from China serve as a base to a fresh and vibrant premium gin. After 7 experimental attempts and a little bit of tweaking, such as adding goji berries to the list of botanicals and making the recipe a touch sweeter, LONG YIN GIN was born. The reason for the sweetness is because, it seems, sipping spirits neat is all the rage in China!


LONG YIN GIN distinct frisky character is brought to life by well balanced flavours from juniper berries, coriander, cassia bark, Buddha’s Hand, liquorice, goji berry, pomelo, chrysanthemum, ginger root, red date, apricot kernel, star anise, sichuan pepper and galangal.

The Team


Sandro, CEO & founder

He's a talented dentist & irreparable gin connoisseur. Sandro has lived many years between China and England. LONG YIN GIN is an expression of love, sparkled  between these two countries.


Phil, head of operations

He has worked in tech and has secretly dreamed to have his own brewery & distillery. Today, his team has overseen & developed the unique flavor profile of LONG YIN GIN.


Claire, operations manager

As a dedicated mother, she has landed her passion and care to nurture LONG YIN GIN's brand.

LONG YIN GIN the team
LONG YIN GIN discover




The list of our cocktails were carefully selected by famous bartenders that absolutely adore LON YIN GIN. We are an expression of the modern explorer, who wants simplicity, elegance and curiosity in one glass!

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Gin Culture

What's our gin culture? You know it, it’s the sense of freedom & adventure that comes with it. Pour yourself a glass of LONG YIN GIN, and you will understand.​

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We seek to tell the stories from worldwide adventurers and gin-thusiasts, like YOU, that love to sip on LONG YIN GIN. 

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